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What is The Sporozoan?

Posted by RobRoy Chalmers on

As I pondered placement of the tiny torn pieces of intaglio prints mounted on dress makers pins, passersby of the small clothing shop looked on. Some would stop and gaze at me with a smile or a puzzled look, some would pass without notice, others would glance. It was those who would pass, glance, and then come back to look who inspired me to coin Sporozoan as the title for everything I make.

It was these people who walked by only to be touched briefly by a fragment, a whisper in their peripheral vision, that caused my mind to think of how many creatures move among us. Spores land and germinate on other things, they travel randomly until they find the perfect host.

This is what The Sporozoan does. It evolves in its viewer’s mind, growing in strength, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

As I completed the custom installation of The Sporozoan Swarm in that dress shop on California Ave in West Seattle, I contemplated how what it was I was doing affected people. It was there, in 2009, that The Sporozoan was born from the same pollination that captured viewers.

The Sporozoan Swarm has evolved and grown over the years, and it continues to do so. At its core, it remains the same. A simple thought that germinates into a complex web of visual stimuli. Latching onto its viewer and not letting go.

Embrace The Sporozoan. Dive into its exciting universe and let your imagination run wild.


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