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About Us

RobRoy, CCEO


Passion drives me. Passion for art, fashion, beauty, time, and space. While I was born with the passion and the hand eye coordination to draw just about anything I look at its my life experience that has led me to create the things I do. 

I grew up in a tiny town in northern New York but always longed to be in NYC. At 17, I moved to NY and attended Pratt Institute. After one semester I decided I needed to explore my person before I continued. I spent three years traveling the country and experiencing life in a way I couldn't have if I was in college. 

Upon my return to Pratt I was hungry to learn as much as I could. I studied painting and printmaking but also dabbled in fashion and architecture. All of these pieces combined to help me shatter what I had previously believed was my creative path. My artwork grows from the human form and my obsession with desire. Making realistic drawings and paintings of things that do not exist as well as highly stylized drawings of clothing I will design I create a world that ties all of my interests into one. 

In the past four years I have embraced my love of fashion both mens and women's clothes. I try to make clothes that accentuate the beauty of the human that do not conform to gender constraints. 


I reside in Seattle, and I enjoy supporting small, local businesses.


Timothy Peterson President and COO

Timothy Peterson, President and COO

He/Him/His. I am the “G” in LGBTQ!

Timothy Peterson is an award-winning Digital and marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in a C-suite capacity. One significant accolade was being named to the Top 100 Leaders in Marketing and Advertising for 2021 by MARsum. 

He possesses extensive expertise online in terms of both the front-end marketing and customer experience, as well as back-end tech, data, and analytics, which truly sets him apart, as does his strong business acumen in the fashion space. 

Timothy has been either a founder or a co-founder of numerous start-ups, along with delivering expert strategic consultation to well-renowned brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, Gap, Inc., and more. 

Timothy is currently President and COO at RobRoySW.  As an executive and a runway model, he can navigate boardroom logistics and also rock the runway with confidence.

He resides in New York.


Kate Brothers She/Her Production

I am the youngest member of this team and definitely the coolest! I have always loved everything involving art, music, food, and of course fashion.I play many instruments and have been sewing for a couple years. I am so excited to be helping to make clothes for people so they can feel comfortable and fabulous!!