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Artist Statement



Art combines the mystery of content with the mastery of mediums.

My grasp and proficiency of mediums is vast, often blending drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. 

My vision is clear, my purpose driven. I know what I want to do and what needs to happen. I constantly play with light, shadow, and form, in life and in my mind, to bring mystery alive.

My representational images portray another world that may not exist to you yet but lives fierce and free in my mind.  Merging the human form, flora, fauna, industry and always a sense of mysterious and adventurous longing.

My work is visceral. Exuding passion, ecstasy, sexuality and fluidity.

My work is visceral in nature. It exudes the passion i have for making. It conveys my ecstasy, my sexuality, it embodies my fluidity.