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Posted by RobRoy Chalmers on

Sometimes a painting needs time to find its way. Sometimes, I am not ready. Sometimes, I get sidetracked. By life, by other pieces of art, or frustration. Sometimes they all derail my progress. That’s what happened to this piece.

Over a year ago, I was furiously working on this series. Layer, after layer, after layer of paint. Day, after day, after day passed. The process was so important and relevant to my state of mind at the time. While the process was relevant, I could never find the conclusion.

The four paintings involved in this process needed to wait for me to do something else, before I could complete their process.

The first resolution came in "Transcendence." That piece reached back to processes I used over 30 years ago, and allowed me to evolve to this place of understanding about my work.

Time is so important in the act of creation.


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