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Sporozoan Spider

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

The Sporozoan Spider projects evolution.

The Sporozoan Spider results from reciprocal sparks of interest and depicts fusion. You're witnessing the successful marriage of the void and a Sporozoan element. Creating a new life branching out into an uncharted environment.

This piece represents independently acting parts of ourselves that seamlessly thrive harmoniously on behalf of the whole. 

Utilizing elements we are accustomed to seeing from RobRoy, the Sporozoan Spider takes off in an entirely new direction, breathing vigor and surprise into his collective works

Where would you go if you knew you were protected? What adventures await you if you trusted yourself? Even though you were afraid and did it anyway. These are the questions presented here. These are the things worth exploring.

Sporozoan Spider is 66” x 42” charcoal, pastel, and graphite piece on Rives BFK White. Usually in control of such details, the bottom of the piece (though not visible here) was not squared off by RobRoy himself as he utilized the end of the roll, revealing a slightly different charm from his other pieces.


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