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Sporozoan Rift

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

Sporozoan Rift is a piece born of the Sporozoan Trees movement. It is as complex as it is simple.

It is as challenging as it is peaceful. It embodies a flash, where the seams of the universe are opening through this feature of the Sporozoan.

It breeds intrigue, deep curiosity. It pokes at the daredevil inside you. It germinates questions you didn’t know you needed answers to and trudges up questions you’ve avoided thinking about for too long.

It’s power forces you to inventory everything you know, and beckons the student in your mind.

It offers the viewer the opportunity to investigate themselves and the world they know to be comfortable.  Where the roots and branches of oneself find wonders beyond comprehension. Maybe even dazzling wonderment.

Answers await you through the Sporozoan Rift.

Jesse Roberts


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