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Making Art is Easy - Being an Artist is Hard

Posted by RobRoy Chalmers on

Since I was young, the act of making things, whether I was drawing, painting or sculpting has come easy. Understanding my passion and my vision has evolved over the decades and I am always in touch with myself artistically. 

Making the art has never been a problem, as is evident from the mass of work piled, stacked, and hanging in my studio. 

Making art does not solely make one an artist, in my humble opinion. An artist must do more than just make work. An artist must push outside their studio, they must find the path that allows them to create freely and find their audience. This is far more  complicated than it sounds. 

If you want to make your work full time and not simply have art as a hobby or therapy then you must find ways to get your art into the world beyond just social media. It must leave your studio! It must find homes where it can participate in others lives. 

Art is, at its core communication and without a viewer, without someone beyond the artist to communicate with it remains a dirty little secret in the artist studio. 

Making it is easy - finding a way to allow it to support its self is hard. 

Stay true to what you make. Allow it to be seen, allow it to communicate with the world. Find out what it has to say. 


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