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The Signs

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

Coincidence or not, synchronicity is yours for the taking. Don't be afraid to let it be yours for the making.

One time I asked RobRoy his take on a piece in progress and he simply replied "it's really different but exactly the same."

Some don't give one bit of energy to alignment. Others live for it. It's there whether you pay attention to it or not. It carries its own power which expounds when you let it reveal itself, when you recognize its existence.

Synchronicity is not for the weary. Though it can germinate hope. Knowing how to catch the clues reveals the connectedness of it all. You are seen. You are not insignificant. What you do ripples across dimensions, and they clap back.

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  • Synchronicities/Connectivities has been the topic of a great conversation I had with a friend recently. I mused, if I have seen this, this, and this, I wonder how much there is that I have missed? At that moment my phone dinged as if to emphasize I have missed a great many things. And even though I try to be vigilant, I often forget to simply turn it upside down to see what is plainly there, from a different perspective. Loving the blog- it’s good for the mind and soul.

    Trinitytwo on

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