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Tea & A

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

Me: Where did these new visions come from? Did this process evolve from your work on the Trees?

RobRoy: Yeah the Trees were the beginning of this new visual journey. But it really fleshed itself out after my trip to NYC in December of 2023. Seeing Brice Marden’s work and then Anish Kapoor really pushed the frame within a frame idea.

Me: I am so inspired by new, more and innovation. That artist's minds never cease to evolve and grow and explode with novel ideas.

RobRoy: Yeah, the problem is not making the art. I am always making art in my head. I never lose sight of the ideas I have for new pieces. So yeah, the problem is not with the making of the art, the problem is with materials. I never have enough paper or space to put completed work.

Me: So speaking to that, is it invigorating revisiting stored pieces and bringing new life to them?

RobRoy: Part of revisiting the older pieces is that I don’t have any more room in my studio. “Recycling” older pieces is just practical. Beyond that, it’s about connecting the past and the future. What I made two years, five years ago is the foundation for what is happening now. It just makes sense that I use that work in this way.


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