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Posted by Jesse Roberts on

Even though metaphorical, being on the cliff of something is such a real sensation it's impossible to ignore. It manifests stress when not addressed while also holding the ability to provide intense elation.

When now is the time for change, it requires action. Anxiety can be punched right in the face. You can regain control and cliff dive. Do not squelch your innate sensations. Feel them. Scream them. Yell and cry them out, but whatever you do, just be precisely who you were meant to be while doing it. The opportunity for it to breathe freedom and joyful acceptance into your life is worth the risk.

Fledglings plummet straight to the ground before they learn what it takes to fly. They are not stupid for doing so. They walk right up to their own cliffs and jump eagerly alongside fear, only to rejoice in their total triumph. 


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