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Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

The “Sporozoan Swarm Containers,” are microcosms of a breadth of work spanning over 30 years. Differently sized and shaped pieces of torn paper from Intaglio prints are mounted on foam core backerboard, using rare and highly identifiable 2-inch dressmaker pins.

Admitting a predilection for the “Sporozoan Swarm Containers,” was not the initial sensation is difficult. It feels wrong to say and admit, considering the esteem for RobRoy’s work overall. Time, however, has shown the way.

They are intimate, intricate and highly immersive.

More time and focus go into these pieces than fathomed. Ask yourself "why?" throughout each piece. Why the specific size, shape and orientation of each pinned fragment? What form is the piece as a whole taking on? What does each piece possess in relation to the others, especially in direct correlation.

Each uniquely custom created container tells a different and varied story, as RobRoy designs them already working within the envisioned space they will inhabit, and the print they bore from.


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