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Lean Into It

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

Creative processes have a honey spot once you discover them. Which can be an unbelievably arduous undertaking in the thick of it and take much more effort than one anticipates. Getting to that sweet spot can be so grueling. Trial and error is just a part of the game, introduction of new elements or tools can seem never ending, and opinions from the peanut gallery can either be lightbulb moments or fall completely flat. The frustration of knowing what you need to do, but not knowing how, is sometimes where creative genius comes from. Watch a ballerina modify her new point shoes and it's a bug lamp experience involving dental floss, elastic, super glue and blood. Next time you see art citations referencing roofing cement, judge not with the mind. Leave creative genius to those making the thing. Your job is to absorb their painstaking torment for your own pleasure. Enjoy.


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