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Independent Galleries

Posted by RobRoy Chalmers on

Local galleries need your support and your patronage. Don’t take them for granted. I will be showing new Swarm Containers at Alki Arts in March 2024. Diane Venti owns and operates this space, as she has for many years now. She does so out of love. She connects with her community by offering multiple events each month including musical artists, paint & sips, and an opening reception for the artists in her shows. 

All of these events cost money. While some events like the paint and sips, pay for themselves, other events like opening receptions, are costly. Think of the snacks and drinks gallery goers have become accustomed to. It all costs money to keep joy on tap. Reciprocation feeds the desired perpetual motion of the art world. Be sure to tag the gallery on your social media. Tag an artist you like, drop a tip, buy a piece! Don’t be afraid to ask about payment plans. They are a thing. We honor all arrangements. 

Saying it again for those in the back.

Independent galleries hang on by the skin of their teeth and love of their artists. Don’t take them for granted! 


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