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Adulting at Nauseam

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

It's Like Homework

No one wants homework. Period. Then again, sometimes we ask for it. What makes completing obligations feel like homework? The weight of expectations grows exponentially the more we refuse to speak up about what we cannot handle. Some attribute this pressure to "flow," and things not being in alignment with what you really like to do with your time. My dad would group all of it with lazy. What's successfully been dubbed as "adulting," in recent times, I for one want to opt out. In a world where your only options are to make more money or suffer, verses move to a different country, finding time to get my oil changed becomes more and more scarce. Then again, I signed up to take care of that car. There in lies the rub. If you consented, then the expectations are in fact, your own. All of this to say, it is ok to speak up and voice your personal bandwidth. You simply can't do all the things. No one can.


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