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Pink Flamingo Duality Button Down Shirt.

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This Duality Pink Flamingo shirt is made with Viscose fabric manufactured in India. The buttons are vintage and will vary from shirt to shirt because I only use buttons I find in thrift stores or yard sales. 

It is ultra lightweight snd feels a bit like silk. It’s perfect for summer as it breathes well and the cut is open so you don’t feel constricted at all. 

This shirt is impeccably tailored with all seams first sewn with an over locking stitch and then locked with a top stitch detail. 

This shirt, like all of my products is fully customizable. You pick which side the colors are on if the sleeves match or if you want only one color that’s fine too. Just DM me with details. If you want something more form fitting I can do that too! This is a fully Bespoke shirt. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery