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Dance Magic

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

Pick up and handle a "Sporozoan Swarm Container," and an entire immersive experience begins. Leave it hung on the wall even and move around it. The same will be true. Like the eyes of the Mona Lisa, the shape within "The Sporozoan Swarm Containers," catch you, and follow you wherever you go, all the while morphing within the confines of its own dedicated form. There exists a fluid relationship between the elements of the box and light, that leaves you an awestruck onlooker of a dance you were unaware was about to take place.

Art is life. Like the intricately torn pieces of paper, from a collection of prints, arranged into a free flowing shape, amplified by different heights and angles, so are the pieces of you. So are the experiences you’ve had, to the shape of your being. It is the totality of the pieces of you that form the shape of your existence in this world.

What shadows are cast upon components of yourself when you shed light on certain features? Maybe those parts that are at the forefront. Yet in turn, what lies beneath? In the underbelly of the deep creature you are. Does it make them any less important or insignificant because they are beneath your surface? In the recesses of your prominent fragments. Are they indeed much deeper focal points, that have their day in the sun, if you just tilted ever so slightly a different way? Does the shadow of your shape reflect what you wish it did? Turn another way and watch yourself change. Watch yourself flow effortlessly in the light. You may see more clearly; how beautiful you are. How delicately you dance, with the pieces of your own soul, the morsels that make you, you. As only you, in this curated existence, can be. Never be afraid to change within your own being.


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