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What does SW stand for in your business name?

SW is Sigh Wren my Drag Queen persona. Sigh is one of the primary reasons I started building this business. She is my feminine self.

Why do you only ship with USPS?

This is an issue of sustainability. The postal service is going by your house whether you have a package or not. There are no trucks driving a separate route to get your package to you.

Who makes your clothes?

I design and make all of my clothes. I have one production assistant who does some sewing.

Why do you care what countries your fabric comes from?

It is important to me that the fabrics I use are made in countries with strong human rights practices.

Why are your pronouns She/He/Fluid?

I embrace both my feminine and masculine sides in a fluid way. Sometimes I wake up feeling more to one side than the other. While I have lived in a male body my entire life it does not change that femininity is a major part of me one which I have felt since childhood.

What is it like going out in public as a man wearing a dress?

The first time I out in public dressed as a woman I was in my 20’s and it was a Halloween party. Because it was a “costume” it was easy. I didn’t really need to explain myself. The first time I went out in public in a dress that wasn’t a costume was a little nerve wracking. You are showing up in a way most of society doesn’t understand. Most people don’t seem to care or they don’t want to stare. I have had negative words thrown my way, I’ll let you imagine.

I am extremely confident in who I am so it doesn’t bother me. I intend to try and normalize it so everyone can dress how they want without fear of ridicule.