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To Wong Foo...

Posted by Jesse Roberts on

You have to take chances because you never know. What if your experiences are the silica of your existence. Like the hairs on your face. They are there, and have a purpose, whether you pay attention to them or not. When you get down to it though, and take a closer look, there are more than you can possibly count. It doesn’t matter if today’s experience was going to the grocery store, or finally meeting up with a friend you’ve never met in person. Is going to the grocery store taking a chance? Maybe. Depending on what kind of mental space you’re in. You just can’t ever give up. Not because there may be some grand climax to all of your hard work, but because maybe the smile you once knew how to share from happy, peaceful place, is just around the corner. That, is what you never know. You never know how life may surprise you, in the simplest and most special way. Presently and pleasantly reflect on good things in your life right now. Good things that old versions of you never envisioned. It’s a mindful exercise. Being mindful is to live in the moment and be present.


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