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Strange Sorcery Compels You.

Posted by RobRoy Chalmers on

“This art is daring and vulnerable, if not fearless. Subtle and refined, yet unrelenting, like a contagion. Some strange sorcery that compels you to look closely, and before you know it, it’s inside you. 

Not entirely comfortable, but unable to look away, you are pushed to recognize your own fear. You are presented with a choice: confront it and become a new thing unto yourself, or beg to forget the invitation. Either way, you are changed.”

  • S Naify - Author and Poet. 

Last Saturday was the opening reception for a group show, where I am featured, at Alki Arts in Seattle, WA. The course of the evening led me to speak with many people about my work. Most intensely, was S. Naify, quoted above. This quote, came to me the following day, after she had perused my website and our discussion continued from the previous evening. 

It is rare to find someone who feels the visceral quality of my work so deeply who is also willing to write about it so elegantly. My conversation the night before had been about intent, dimension, and the importance of understanding one’s vision when creating art. 

Naify’s take away from our conversation, and subsequent response to what she saw on my site, are insightful and deeply felt. Dialogue between artists' and the viewer are so important. Not only in the evolution of the artist, but also the relationship between the artist and viewer. 

As a viewer, do not be afraid to say your piece. Love the work or hate the work, but be open with your thoughts. It can only help the relationship, and we all thrive in prosperity. 


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