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Sales Do Not Define Me.

Posted by RobRoy Chalmers on

But damnit if they don’t make me feel good when they come in! 

Sales of art are defining for the upper echelon of the art community. Perceived and actual value, is set by sale price. Certain art darlings build their entire career on the prices they fetch at their latest show or at auction. Careers are built or dashed based on those numbers.

For those of us not defining our value based on price, we are simply happy to have a sale here and there. It can give us a boost to the ego, maybe buy some groceries, or more supplies. If the sales come consistently we might even be able to count it as actual income! 

There are a select few artists who reside in the stratosphere of super star status. Between them and the artists who sell once in a while, are those that are functioning artists. 

They make enough to survive on their art sales alone. They may not be living high on the hog, but they do not need a day job anymore. 

This is the place I would like to arrive. I live frugally and don’t want much, so accomplishing this wouldn’t require a huge amount of sales. 

How do I do this though? 

Persistence! Maybe a grant here and there. Persistence is without question the key to this unicorn of a lifestyle. 


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